About Me

The internet is a treasure trove of information. But there’s so much out there that it’s very difficult to find exactly the information you need quickly. In fact there’s so much information that we can easily go into overload. Too many choices to look at before finding the one that’s best suited. It’s like tuning in radio station after radio station; for the first few the communication is clear but by about the 200th it has all become confusing noise. You can’t remember what information came from which source. The resource stacks at the LiterateWeb are designed to create a filter which culls the very best open source and Creative Commons resources from the Internet and delivers them to you in a user friendly manner. The Resources Stacks separate the “noise” from the information. The Stacks are created by educators and business people who add to them daily. Sites are reviewed and described for you so you can target your search and gain a tremendous time advantage. The Resource Stacks will grow as the internet grows but only the best will be represented in the LiterateWeb.

What Can You Find In the Resource Stacks?

The stacks include a wide range of resources for a variety of interests. On one end of the spectrum there are sites devoted to a broad based presentation of a particular topic, the kind of place where you can find a lot of varied information for further research or simply a place where you can dip your toe to test your interest. These include sites centered on an interest in Literature or Science or Astronomy as well as business and finance analysis, and of course education and children’s books.
On the other end of the spectrum the beam gets very narrow. This is where you’ll find sites that are devoted to “in- depth” study of one influential individual or a small but important aspect to a given topic. Sites like these might specialize in an author like Charles Dickens or a political figure like George Washington or a controversial aspect of quantum physics or psychology. These sites include discussion groups and forums for additional information and often center around a community of vitally interested people.